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Sorry everyone, I’m gonna quit my site. I just don’t feel like updating anymore. Sorry to all my fans who come to this site for Updates, But their are heaps of other sites to go to….

Bye Everyone!



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I have some good news!!! My internet will be back on, it will be back on Friday. So I can’t wait!. I’m not sure if I’m gonna udate on Dizzywood now because i’ve missed sooo much. But i’ll have to think about it. And i’m thinking about updating some on Club Penguin. And im thinking about ‘Quiting my site?’ I just don’t have time any more. Ive got two new puppy dogs that I like to spend time with now. So yah. Thats all! Cya on Friday!!!!!!!!!

~ xxGawguzGirl.

My Internet… :(

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Sigh, Hi Everyone.

My internet hasn’t been working working for the last couple of days so I havn’t been able to post Missions and New stuffies happening in Dizzywood. Right now I’m on my sisters computer.
Lots of people have been asking for me to post missions. I can’t right now. But I promis I will update them when my internet comes back on. But for now please visit www.dizzywoodsecretsnotes.wordpress.com. 😦 So I’m really sorry that I havn’t answers everyones questions. I havn’t got enough time. So Yeah, Hopefully my internet comes back on soon and I can update again!!!!! 🙂 Soooooo… Cya everyone..

Jack O’Lantern.

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Hello Dizzys! 🙂

I’m going to help you with the lastest Dizzywood Mission, ‘Jack O’Lantern’.

You have to find the 4 peices of the pumpkin. To get the prize when you finish the mission, you’ll have to do the mission with the paste/glue in it. It’s called, Preserving Your Mud Impression.

So here are the four places:

1. Break Water Beach
2. Garden Gazebo
3. Tanglevine Jungle
4. Catacombs

Once you finished this mission you get a Pumpkin.

~ xxGawguzGirl.

Bountiful Bat.

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Find the Bat in the Jaguar Temple.

Once you find the bat. you get $500 coins.

~ xxGawguzGirl.

Bob For Apples

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Hello Everyone!!

All the apples are located in the Tanglevine Jungle in the water. There are about 15 (Ruff Guess). Once you get them all, you get $500 coins!!!.

Credit to: Secretnotes For her picture.

~ xxGawguzGirl.

Im a new author!

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Hi everyone!,

xxGawguzgirl has added me as a author on her site. So im going to be updating about Dizzywood and Club Penguin. Im xxGawguzgirl’s sister and my site is www.icirose.wordpress.com but I just started that site and it doesnt have any posts yet. If you would like to visit my old site its www.frozti.wordpress.com


I Couldn’t…

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I couldn’t bear it… I can’t quit my site! I got really bored. And there was a new mission out and new houses and I really wanted to post them!!!. This is hard. Well… I’m not quitting. And i’ve invited my sister to help on my site. Her Dizzywood username is Frozti, & her Club Penguin username is Icirose. She will be helping with my site. And posting updates, some that didn’t mind, and 2 saying I should. Well thanks to the people who said no for me to quit. 🙂

Thanks everyone!!

~ xxGawguzGirl.


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Hi Peoples.

I’m going to be quitting my Site.
I just can’t be botherd updating anymore. And my sister complains all the time that every picture I take, takes up KB-MB. I mean Cmon, where updating a game here? Boring.
I wont be quitting Dizzywood or Club Penguin. You can still see me on Dizzywood.
No one needs my blog when theve got Secretnotes and other really Great sites. Secret notes gets about 1,000 + hits a day and has got 30,000 hits in just a month + no more then 2 months. People can go to her for mission updates and stuff. And other perosn who comments here alot and is just really really nice is Jonasbrothersgurl (JBG). She also updates really good. You can go for here for some great cheats and updates. Mhmm Thats all. I guess.

Cya Everyone. Its been great posting. And I’ve had some really nice comments. Thanks to everyone who likes and commented at my site!


Reporting a Problem

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The small red whistle on the bottom left hand corner of your screen will temporarily be removed. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, you’ll see a red link titled, “Report a problem”. If you encounter any problem while exploring Dizzywood, please click on that link and correctly fill out the information needed so that we may help you the best that we can. 

We want to remind you that we take these reports very seriously and ask that you do too. If you decide to use the link to report another user’s behavior, please make sure to include as much detail as you can about the situation. The more information you can give us about any problem that you come across in Dizzywood helps us to fix, or investigate the issue further. 

We want to make sure that everyone has a safe and fun time in Dizzywood and we appreciate your help!

A Dizzywood Haunting

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Do you feel it creeping up behind you Explorers……it’s coming and there’s no way of escaping it. Cloud Sprites are whispering that a dense fog is rolling in, bringing with it an unforgiving, nightmarish darkness. What this darkness will bring to Dizzywood, nobody knows.

Halloween used to be a time of fun and games, tricks and treats, but something tells us this Halloween will be quite different. Stay in your homes if you wish to steer clear of any danger, or dare to gather your friends and explore this darkness head on.

You’re guaranteed a spine-chilling time as you and your friends take part in this year’s Halloween festivities! Get limited, spooky, extravagant costumes! Throw Halloween parties with your buddies! Trick or treat for candy corn! It will be a Dizzywood Haunting you won’t soon forget! 

*You can now buy costumes by clicking on the Scarecrows in Prestos Edge, and by completing the Candy Corn Mission! Have fun!

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